What’s the artistic Brand and why is everyone talking about it?

Why is everybody talking about the Artistic Brand in Music Business?

It may be that in a very chaotic era we have forgotten that music is one of the oldest art forms and that its main strength is the impact it has on an emotional level. However, the over production made us face this dilemma: "if everyone makes music all the time, how can I make MY MUSIC stand out and create an emotional bond with my fans?"

That's where artistic branding comes into play. The way in which your artistic activity is told, promoted, appears and reaches people constitutes your brand. It is the "feeling" that's received and perceived. If what you do represents your music, the "how and why" is what distinguishes you today and makes the difference between an artist who has a successful and long-term career and someone who doesn't.

Introduction to the artistic brand

"Why do you do what you do? What are your values and how do you transmit them? What are the communication tools and styles that express them?"

If you have ever tried to ask yourself what you have just read, you might have realized that it is extremely difficult to find a clear answer, other than a cluster of weak and repetitive stereotypes. Well, know that having an answer to those questions traces the path of defining your brand.

The artistic brand is the unique identity that an artist creates for himself. A set of values, sounds, images and messages that will be used to tell your story and generate authentic and genuine emotion in those who listen and watch. Just like companies use branding to differentiate themselves from their competitors, artists must also create a brand to establish their presence in the marketplace and create an emotional bond with their audience.

Creating an artistic brand

Yes, I hear you and I'm telling you first: creating an artistic brand is a complex, tedious, difficult process, where there is no single option or magic formula to define it overnight. However, in this article we are going to see some aspects that will help you start thinking, acting and planning like a brand, until you have defined it and start building value around it. Here are some of the top considerations in creating an artistic brand:

1. Define vision and values

It is what we mentioned above. Until you know what distinguishes you and what your values are, keep in mind that others won't know either. If your brand and vision are blurred and uncertain, this is what will be perceived outside. And something that looks blurry and uncertain is forgotten, left behind, it repels instead of attracting. So take your time, do a survey among your inner circle asking how they see and define you, take seriously what you post and publish on networks and analyze how it is perceived: this is a start to see how you arrive and how people perceive you. You'll have a hint if what gets received is what you think you are saying or if it gets totally distorted.

2. Develop a visual identity

When the vision and values are defined, you can begin to develop a visual identity for your brand that is consistent with what you have defined. This has to include the creation of a logo, colors, typography and other visual elements to be used in the art and in promoting the brand.

3. Establish an online presence

"What is told and continues to be told exists and that is why it excites; what is not seen does not exist and therefore cannot excite".
We can get into philosophical debates about how much we reject this and how unhealthy that phrase may seem to us, but after many years in which I struggled with that concept, I feel like giving you a little advice: befriend yourself with the desire to continue telling your story... YOU CHOSE THIS PATH!

You love your favorite artists and celebrities and you continue to love them because you can follow their contents, stories, pieces of daily and artistic life, listen to them, etc. If you want to have an audience, you have to keep giving things to your audience. Because the day you stop doing it, you will stop being an option and a point of reference.

4. Consistency

Consistency is key to creating any successful brand. All visual elements and messaging must work together to convey the brand's vision and values clearly and consistently. Otherwise, an incoherent and fragmented message generates confusion, rejection, mistrust and therefore does not generate ties.

5. The power of the artistic brand in the art world

You will realize that if you analyze your favorite artists, actors, icons, if you continue investigating after the easiest answer (he is handsome, I like his songs, he acts well, etc.), you will find that each one produces a different emotion and represents something more or less specific to you, whether or not you are aware of it. THIS IS WHAT MAKES YOU LOVE those people, even if you never met them, you probably never will and they never did anything specifically for you. Well: know that you can have this superpower too!

From now on that it will be a challenging process, because NOBODY KNOWS HOW AND WHY FROM THE BEGINNING. That's why your artistic career is supposed to be a journey and not a sprint. The way to do it right will be found, it does not fall from the sky or it's bought on Amazon with a click. The artists who take the time to develop a solid artistic brand are the ones who become leaders and references in their sector and generate a lasting emotional connection with their audience.


I hope this article has encouraged (and not just scared) you to think about your brand from now on and become passionate about your story, for as long as you want to dedicate yourself to the wonderful world of art. Here below I leave you a section of frequently asked questions that may be able to intercept and answer some of your doubts.

How do I know what my vision and values are?
With patience and time, without a doubt. Begin to wonder why you do all this, what you want the world to know about you and what you think you can communicate in an authentic and original way. Make a list on a piece of paper and DO NOT ACCEPT the first answers that will come out. Be brutally direct towards yourself in asking "why should I be listened to and loved among the millions of others who are longing for the same?". Don't give up if for days, weeks, months until you find something satisfying.

Why is it important to have an artistic brand?
What we do is very irrelevant (sorry, I have to say it) because in almost all cases, thousands and thousands of other people are doing something similar. What makes the difference between having an artistic future and not having it is the how and why which eventually will let you master the ability to generate an emotion and intercept someone's need, projections, dreams. This is done by your brand, not by your music.

What benefits can artists have from having a strong artistic brand?
They become leaders and benchmarks in their sector, they can move opinions and represent opportunities for themselves or for others. Literally everything is built around a solid brand. It is the takeoff runway, the headquarters of what you represent and project.

Who can help me create and define my brand?
Just as there are marketing, communication and image consultants for companies, there are professionals like me who can help you define your artistic brand more quickly and effectively. They can be both individuals or agencies.


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