Learn new skills or improve the ones you already have

Making music and reaching your goals require of constant learning and mastering lots of skills. I offer customized courses according to your specific needs and level.


I love teaching and transferring knowledge, as well as helping artists shaping their own sound, identity and trademark. In music, acquiring new skills, improving the existing ones and developing your taste is vital. Especially in this era, where the accessibility to a lot of material and courses might make us sound all the same, I specifically craft my courses in a way in which you won't only learn something, but you'll make it yours, asking yourself the right questions and, in general, applying whatever technique in a proactive and aware way. Here below you can find the courses I offer.


Music Production

We'll dive into the fabulous world of music production, providing you with all the tools needed to shape your ideas and bring them to reality.


Online Mixing and Mastering

Learn how to properly mix and master your tracks, besides controlling even more the creative process and the sonic output of your music. 



Learn how to master several different songwriting techniques that will make your songs better written, besides enhancing your communicative potential

What would you like to learn or improve?

All courses can be taken personally with me in Barcelona (Spain) or online. Get in contact and learn all the details.