PR and Music/Artist Promotion

An artist that wants to stand out with his/her own music is nothing different than a brand trying to push a product. They both have in common one big aspect: communication, presence and storytelling.

Without these three things, you simply won't stand a chance not because your music and talent aren't enough, but because nothing becomes successful if not properly and constantly communicated. 

I provide a series of services customizable and tailored on your specific needs, whether it's promoting your new single, your album or taking care of your communication and presence in the media for as long as you need. I will set up the following campaigns

Radio, Press & TV

I cover radio, press (digital and physical) and TV campaigns, as well as interviews and reviews in Europe, United States, latin America and Asia. 

Digital Platforms

I provide playlists placements on Spotify (only REAL streams, no fakes no bots), SoundCloud campaigns as well as YouTube promotion (through ads and big playlist channels). 

Why do I need to promote my music?

#1 Storytelling 

A story that's not constantly told is a story that ends. That is that you need to keep active and communicative out there, otherwise people would genuinely think you quit doing what you do. 

#2 Credibility

People want and need to trust. And we trust only what we see repeatedly, in different forms.

The presence on the media will increase your credibility, both towards your potential fanbase and the industry professionals.

#3 Opportunities

Through promotion, you'll be noticed by artists, promoters, managers, labels etc who might reach out and offer opportunities and partnerships to grow. 

#4 Fanbase

No one becomes a lifelong fan at a first listening. We might like a song and appreciate an artist, but we'll only become fans to those who are constantly reaching out for us, gaining a piece of our heart at a time. 

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Your Music directly on A&R and Label Managers

Are you willing to get music labels to listen and publish your music?
I can do that for you!


You surely know how frustrating it can get to send our hundreds of emails and get very few or no feedbacks at all. Music labels and A&R receive literally thousands of emails daily so, it is important to understand that your email sent to the general address ain't the same as if it's sent by somebody they already know. This whole activity is called track placement and can SAVE YOU A LOT OF TIME AND EFFORT.

After more than 20 years in the music industry, I've gathered and made contact with tons of decision makers and insiders. Therefore, I can literally push your music in order to make sure it's listened, reviewed and evaluated for publishing and/of for a record deal. The majority of my contacts span from EDM and all electronic genres, to Urban, Trap/Hip Hop, Pop, Rock, Indie, Reggaeton. Shouldn't your music be included in this list, write me about what you do cause I might be to help you anyway.

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Looking for a Manager for your Project?

Being an artist requires a lot of work on several different fields. Hiring a Manager could spare you from a load of work and lets you focus on your music and your artistic activity.


It happened almost by chance, without planning it (like the 90% of managers would say). While producing, teaching, assisting and mentoring artists for more than a decade, I realized I was already doing management for them. That's why, at a certain point, I started including it within my activities.

I have been managing a selected number of projects whereas I take care of everything, from branding, to the editorial part, contact with press, promoters, labels etc to tour managers, radios, influencers etc. 

If you're looking for a manager that looks after your project and lets you focus only on making music and singing it, drop me a line and let's have a chat. 

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