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Get you song, EP or album produced

Producing music isn't just about recording and getting it available for listening: it's the sacred process during which your ideas become tangible and vibrant, delivering the very thing that makes you unique. My approach is simple: you take care of letting me know what's inside your head and soul, besides how you expect to feel when listening to your music. 

... I'll take care of taking you to a journey that eventually will give birth to your songs.

When I started learning how to produce, mix and master it was for one reason only: I wasn't feeling entirely understood, listened and guided when I first got recorded and produced by "traditional" producers, even very renowned ones. I had this romantic yet very firm idea of how I expected the studio creative process to be: a journey, where two or more people could getting lost together, in order to find themselves back again with a wonderful piece of art in the hands.

It then became reality and my working method... I don't "just" produce artists, I travel with and through them, guiding them and using my expertise to have them truly connecting with their creative potential and deepest inner world. If I'll have the pleasure of working with you, know that producing your music at the highest industry standards will be just a part of what I'll do for you. I'll ask you who you really are, what you really aspire to, what it is that you're trying to put into music that apparently can't be channeled otherwise. I'll try to connect with you at a deeper level; that level that truly creates amazing art without boundaries. 


I offer a full range of services by the Estudi Local in Barcelona equipped with high quality gear. It is possible to ask for professional and experienced session musicians. I can take care of Pop, Rock, Indie, EDM and all sub categories, Hip Hop, R&B, Soul, music for movies and brands. I work with Logic Pro X and all state of the art softwares to deliver highest quality productions. 


What is mixing and what's for?

The mix is the the process of adjusting all single tracks in order to get balanced sound, without gaps or overlapping of frequencies, making all song’s components clearly distinct.

Mixing must take into account the wish and the expectation of the artist though it has to respect and follow the guidelines of the referred genre and trend. This process includes:

Level Matching
Stereo Panning
If needed, I can also take care of track editing (timing, autotune e/o precision vocal tuning).

What's mastering  and what's for?

The finalizing step of one or several songs is better known as Mastering. This step follows the mix and precedes the publication of the work (physically and/or digitally).

It consists in the optimization of the song(s) according to the parameters of the destination platform/support. If requested, I can insert your ISRC codes, MetaTag etc provided by you.
Mastering is commonly seen as the process that gets your music louder. Actually it does much more than this.

If applied to an album/EP, Mastering’s main goal is to ensure a general homogeneity of the whole project.

Besides that it handles those problems that can occur within the audio spectrum of a song, it optimizes the dynamic range in order to exploit it at best, the stereo widening, the dithering etc. On top of that, it can add a distinctive mark of the artist/producer, becoming also a creative tool.

Why do I need mixing and mastering?

#1 benefit

It avoids that one good idea sounds bad, delivering a negative feeling that can hardly be converted

#2 benefit

It gets all instruments and tracks clearly hearable and balance the output.

#3 benefit

It gives your music a unique touch, creating a personal and distinctive sound.

#4 benefit

It complies with RMS, LUFS and all parameters according to each streaming platform.


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Videos, Movies, Video games, Commercials: each one with its music

I compose music and take care of the sound design for brands and movies, short films, videos, commercials, video games.

“If it can be thought, it can be filmed". Stanley Kubrick
..... if it can be filmed, it can be put in music!!

Music has always had a tremendous emotional impact as it goes with images or videos. The composer's work must develop neck by neck with the director in order to fully express the idea, the vision and the feelings wanted. The union of the two will give birth to an extremely intense sensation and experience.

So, whether it is for a film, short film, company video and/or brand definition material, video games, if you're a video maker or film director you're in need of specific music for your projects.

Look to the showreel here below and listen to some songs you can stream here below, in order to get an idea of what my music can add to your play.

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Turn your ideas into music

Do you have some lyrics, a cool vocal line or do you simply want to put into music an idea of yours for yourself or for your band? Then you need a songwriter and composer.

For more than 15 years, I’ve been gathering experiences among several different genres (rock, metal, pop, electronic, funky etc). I can write lyrics, melodies, compositions and arrangements given your needs, for solo artists, duo/trio, bands etc

Are we not geographically nearby? No problem. It is possible to work online and get the job done.



Besides being a great composer, Jake worked a lot to help me putting my character and my mind in music. It wasn't just a work on commission, yet a fully customized song.



There are people who work with music and then there are artists who create for themselves and for others. The passion and the commitment he has to sink into people's mind is remarkable, besides very hard to find.



I worked several times with Jake and he still leaves me astonished as he pulls something out of my artistic personality I myself am not aware there is. Besides being always extremely satisfied with the works, I feel I'm growing all the time, as an artist and singer.


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Write me and present me with your project: let’s discuss what’s best for your idea and get a custom quotation.