Film Score and Soundtracking

Videos, Movies, Video games, Commercials: each one with its music

I'm a composer and arranger for music needed in movies, short films, videos, commercials, video games.

“If it can be thought, it can be filmed". Stanley Kubrick
..... if it can be filmed, it can be put in music!!

Music has always had a tremendous emotional impact as it goes with images or videos. The composer's work must develop neck by neck with the director in order to fully express the idea, the vision and the feelings wanted. The union of the two will give birth to an extremely intense sensation and experience.

So, whether it is for a film, short film, company video and/or brand definition material, video games, if you're a video maker or film director you're in need of specific music for your projects.

Look to the showreel here below and listen to some songs you can stream here below, in order to get an idea of what my music can add to your play.

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