Online Mixing and Mastering

Get your music to sound as it should

Online Mixing and Mastering ensures that your music sounds as good as you're used to, when streaming on Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music etc

Feel free to ask for a quotation for mixing, mastering, or both, whether it is for a single song or several. 

“Why doesn’t my music sound like the one I hear on the radio, Spotify, Youtube etc?"

This is one of the questions I get most. Indeed it gets even more frustrating for the artist/band if it comes after investing time and money in their craft. This highlights that, besides the quality of the recording sessions which must be as high and professional as possible, mixing and mastering are vital to ensure a great result of a song or album, equal to the one we’re used to listen to every day.

What's mixing online and what's for?

The mix is the the process of adjusting all single tracks in order to get balanced sound, without gaps or overlapping of frequencies, making all song’s components clearly distinct.

Mixing must take into account the wish and the expectation of the artist though it has to respect and follow the guidelines of the referred genre and trend. This process includes:

  • Level Matching
  • EQ
  • Compression
  • Stereo Panning
  • Effects

If needed, I can also take care of track editing (timing, autotune e/o precision vocal tuning).

What's mastering online and what's for?

The finalizing step of one or several songs is better known as Mastering. This step follows the mix and precedes the publication of the work (physically and/or digitally).

It consists in the optimization of the song(s) according to the parameters of the destination platform/support. If requested, I can insert your ISRC codes, MetaTag etc provided by you.
Mastering is commonly seen as the process that gets your music louder. Actually it does much more than this.

If applied to an album/EP, Mastering’s main goal is to ensure a general homogeneity of the whole project.

Besides that it handles those problems that can occur within the audio spectrum of a song, it optimizes the dynamic range in order to exploit it at best, the stereo widening, the dithering etc. On top of that, it can add a distinctive mark of the artist/producer, becoming also a creative tool. 

Why do I need mixing and/or mastering online?

#1 benefit

It avoids that one good idea sounds bad, delivering a negative feeling that can hardly be converted

#2 benefit  

It gets all instruments and tracks clearly hearable and balance the output.

#3 benefit  

It gives your music a unique touch, creating a personal and distinctive sound. 

#4 benefit

It complies with  RMS, LUFS and all parameters according to each streaming platform.

Get a quotation

Write me and let’s assess the job to be done for mixing, mastering or both, whether it is for a single song or several.