Songwriting and Music Arrangements

Turn your ideas into music

Do you have some lyrics, a cool vocal line or do you simply want to put into music an idea of yours for yourself or for your band? Then you need a songwriter and composer.

For more than 15 years, I’ve been gathering experiences among several different genres (rock, metal, pop, electronic, funky etc). I can write lyrics, melodies, compositions and arrangements given your needs, for solo artists, duo/trio, bands etc

Are we not geographically nearby? No problem. It is possible to work online and get the job done.



Besides being a great composer, Giacomo worked a lot to help me putting my character and my mind in music. It wasn't just a work on commission, yet a fully customized song. 



There are people who work with music and then there are artists who create for themselves and for others. The passion and the commitment he has to sink into people's mind is remarkable,  besides very hard to find. 



I worked several times with Giacomo and he still leaves me astonished as he pulls something out of my artistic personality I myself am not aware there is. Besides being always extremely satisfied with the works, I feel I'm growing all the time, as an artist and singer. 


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Write me and tell me about your project: we’ll make an assessment together evaluating what’s best for your music, your goals and how to best bring your idea to light.