Vocal Coaching

The Voice and your Artistic Identity

For a singer, a rapper and in general for those who use the voice in art, it is vitally important to know the tools at disposal in order to communicate the feeling and the intention in one's mind.


For years, I have been coaching and followed hundreds of people who look for master the necessary tools to use the voice more properly.

It's not (only) about vocal techniques: the voice is the most "direct" instrument there is: therefore, learning how to breed one's style and how to turn an intention into a sound, makes a huge difference while creating your artistic personality.

Besides opera singing, my coaching can be applied to any genre and adapted to artistic and professional needs of the student. If you feel that you're demanding more from your vocal interpreting skills, this is the right moment to start a coaching with me.


Jake's coaching doesn't represent a GPS that tells you where to go: it's rather like a compass. It's a subtle difference, but substantial. It so happens that a singer starts, even if he doesn't even believe in his own potential and that discover something he'd have never expected. 



Despite how much I love singing, I always thought the worse about my voice. I saw only limitations and thought nothing could change. The path I'm taking with Jake opened the gates to a world, above all within myself, connecting my feelings to my voice and breaking down all those barriers I thought impossible to overcome. 



I'm a professional singer so I constantly use my voice, since I'm very active with live performances. Jake's coaching helped me to enrich my skills and interpreting skills, besides giving me a true preparation aimed to the life on stage, looking after the stress it brings and preserving my voice. 


Improve your vocal skills

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