Artistic Producer

Who is the artistic producer?

The artistic producer plays the important role of accompanying the artist throughout the whole course of creation, from the initial idea till the end of production, trying to convey the message, address and guide his feelings and get them reality into what will be the EP, the album or the single edit.


Moreover, the experience and the role of the artistic producer is important while trying to put the product in a wider scenario, making sure that the output is in line with the trend of the market at a given time, according to the genre. Besides, it becomes very important because he is not a band member; he’s both inside but outside the project so it will always be focused and lucid in recognizing the potential of the band/artist, as well as the shortfalls.

Say you want to write some music for yourself and/or for your band but you don’t know what and how you should write, what’s good for the audience and the market, which recording and production techniques you should be using, how to plan the whole phases of creation and production etc?

I can guide you from the initial idea and drafts for yourself and/or your band, looking to create your unique and distinctive sound, helping with the songwriting, composition and arrangements, in order to be prepared and perform at best the production step, before getting the mixing and mastering done.

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